Vacation/Extended Absence Verification Form

Dear Parents,

We believe that our students’ achievements are an essential part of the mission at Eagle Elementary School. Research shows that all students achieve at higher levels when regular school attendance is not interrupted by absences.

The Zionsville Community School Corporation has set a goal for each of its schools to attain a school attendance rate of no less than 97%. What follows is a reiteration of the school policy regarding absences for vacations:

“We believe that being a Four Star School (Top 25% in the State) is very important. School-wide attendance is one of the measurements used in determining a Four Star School. Every effort should be made to schedule vacations and trips at times other than school days. Prearranged absences are strongly discouraged, particularly during times of standardized testing. In the event that a child is going to be absent, the parent/guardian should notify the school office to obtain a Prearranged Absence Form (this form). Once a parent signs the form, it should be returned to the school administrative assistant. This needs to be done at least 2 days before the planned absence. If the school does not receive notification at least 2 days prior to the absence, the absence may be considered unexcused. If the student has more than eight (8) days absence a year including the vacation days, sick days or other, any days over the eight (8) days absence limit will be considered unexcused .” (pg. 15 – Elementary Student/Parent Handbook)

“As a general rule, students will have one day for each day’s absence in which to complete makeup assignments. Assignments missed during family vacation will be provided upon the child’s return to school from vacation.” (pg. 15 – Elementary Student/Parent Handbook)

Thank you for your consideration in this matter and for being aware of the responsibilities of removing your child from school for vacation/extended absence purposes, as stated above. Your signature below indicates acceptance of these responsibilities, particularly regarding excused vs. unexcused absences, and make-up work. Missed lessons will be provided upon your return, therefore please be in contact with your child’s teacher regarding make-up work.

Thank you,
Andrew Foreman, Principal
Eagle Elementary


Online Pre-Arranged Absence Form