Vacation/Extended Absence Verification Form

Dear Parents:


What follows is a reiteration of the school’s policy regarding prearranged absences:


Prearranged Absences

We believe that being a Four Star School (Top 25% in the State) is very important. School-wide attendance is one of the measurements used in determining a Four Star School. Every effort should be made to schedule vacations and trips at times other than school days. If this is unavoidable, the parent must notify the school to prearrange absences at least two (2) school days prior to the absence. If the school does not receive notification at least  two (2) days prior to the absence, the absence may be considered unexcused. If the student has more than eight (8) days absence a year including the vacation days, any days over the eight (8) days absence limit will be considered unexcused. After the parents have notified the school of the prearranged absence, the parent should complete the online prearranged absence form below. This needs to be done at least 2 days before the planned absence. Prearranged absences are strongly discouraged during times of standardized testing.


Having decided to remove your child from school for a pre-arranged absence, please

be informed of your responsibilities as stated above and your signature below indicates

acceptance of these responsibilities.


Online prearranged absence form