PTO Clubs

PTO Clubs are available through the PTO Directory via Membership Toolkit.  


PTO Enrichment Program Purpose Statement 

The purpose of the Eagle Elementary PTO Enrichment Program is to serve the school and students by providing quality recreational and social clubs/activities for students after school. The program is coordinated by PTO parents and available to all students of Eagle Elementary. 


PTO Enrichment Program Goals 

To provide quality after school enrichment activities. 

To provide students a structured and safe environment that stresses responsible behavior, respect for others, and positive attitudes. 

To provide a positive environment for creativity, discovery, and skill building. 

To provide activities that support Zionsville Community Schools Strong in Every Way initiative. 



PTO Enrichment Program FAQ’s 

Q: What is the difference between the PTO Enrichment Program and Eagle Recreation and Enrichment?
A: The PTO Enrichment Program is facilitated by Eagle Elementary parents and is offered at zero cost to parents.  Eagle Recreation and Enrichment is offered by ZCS, click here for more info on the program


Q: Can my child participate if they are in BAC?
A: At the discretion of the facilitator of the specific club/activity.  If there is a resource available to walk a child back to BAC, they can participate.  Parents should confirm with the facilitator before registering if their child is in BAC.


Q:  What time do clubs end?
A:  3:30pm


Q:  Is school provided transportation available after clubs end?
A:  No.  Children will need to be picked up at the main entrance at the school.


Q: Who facilitates these clubs/activities?
A: Eagle parents.  Please keep in mind, this is NOT a free childcare option.  If your child has participated in clubs, please consider facilitating or donating supplies as a way to give back and keep this wonderful program going.


Q: Can Eagle Elementary Universal Preschool/Pre-K students participate?
A: At the discretion of the facilitator of the specific club/activity.  Parents should confirm with the facilitator before registering their child.


Q: What is the cost?

A: $0.00, zilch, nada, no cost


Q: How will my child know where to go on a club/activity day?
A: The front office has a list of student participants and notify teachers at the end of the day. (Big thanks to our Eagle Elementary staff members who ensure our children are safe and where they need to be as students depart the school at the end of the day!)


Q: What do I do if plans change, and my child will not be able to attend a club/activity for one day only?
A: Contact the school office and the club/activity facilitator.


Q: Who do I contact if I have an idea for a club or would like to help with an activity?
A: Eagle Elementary PTO Enrichment Program Board Member or PTO President